Selected Projects Implemented


Project Example 1

Manufacture of Home and Office Furniture in India

Services provided

  • Product development
  • Business planning
  • Planing of the process organization as well as the manufacturing processes and equipment
  • Project planning and management

Starting situation

A leading Indian construction company develops „ready to move in“ home and office projects which are furnished according to customer specifications. In the past, all furnishings were planned by architects and contracts for manufacture and installation were awarded to external suppliers and craftsmen. However, due to limited control over external suppliers, the company was confronted with increasing problems in terms of material, quality, delivery times, etc. The management therefore decided to have all furnishings manufactured in a subsidiary company which is to operate as a profit center.


  • Development of a business model for the subsidiary manufacturing company (profit center) and short / medium-term business plans
  • Development of a highly flexible production and sales program in terms of design and dimensions
  • Planning and implementation of the technical and organizational processes and equipment for
    • centralized component manufacturing
    • decentralized satellites for sales, assembly and installation in locations of high demand and construction activities
  • Coaching of staff during the implementation and start-up phases

Project Example 2


Company-strategic concept and business model for an engagement abroad
and the relocation of a German machine manufacturer

Services provided

  • Strategy and management
  • Location analysis and evaluation
  • Project management

Starting situation

A German machine manufacturer has considerably increased exports to Asia and is now faced with growing expectations regarding customized technical solutions and services (among others due to more complex machines). Additionally, the fierce competition forces the company to reduce costs. The Management is looking for strategic business models and a program for progressively increasing its engagement abroad. Eventually a subsidiary company is to be founded in Asia for which the optimum location must be determined.


  • Competitive and market analysis in different Asian target markets
  • Development of market scenarios for core products and services
  • Comparison and evaluation of different business models for sales, production and service which are to be implemented step by step
  • Technical and financial location analyses and evaluations of two alternative locations (taking into consideration different market and cost developments)
  • Support in the decision making process

Project Example 3


Development of strategies of use, products and processes for the industrial
use of cocopalmwood for marketable, high value-added products

Services provided

  • Material knowhow
  • Market analyses and marketing strategies
  • Product development and tests
  • Planning of manufacturing and process technology
  • Processing tests

Starting situation

Cocopalms are grown in plantations for their coconuts. When harvest quantities of nuts decrease after a specific period of time, the palms are replaced. The ligneous fiber of palms significantly differs in structure and properties from “normal” wood. However, with adapted processes and process parameters, palmwood can be manufactured into high-value products for different uses – from construction products to interior furnishings. The palmtrunk structure as well as the wood structure and properties must be taken into consideration during the entire processing chain.


  • Development of different strategies of use for „unproductive“ cocopalm plantations
  • Product development taking into consideration the specific structure and properties of cocopalmwood
  • Development of prototypes and product tests together with the following partners
    • University of Hamburg, Department of Wood Science
    • Bern University of Applied Sciences, Architecture, Wood and Civil Engineering
  • Development and design of industrial manufacturing and process technologies for cocopalmwood / determination of suitable process parameters
  • Development of marketing strategies and promotions activities

Project Example 4


Use and processing of decorative veneers in the Vietnamese
furniture industry

Services provided

  • Training / coaching
  • Material knowhow
  • Marketing and market strategies
  • Manufacturing and process technology

 Starting situation

The increased use of laminated wooden-based panels in the Vietnamese furniture industry is necessary due to technical, ecological and economic reasons. In the export business, a growing demand for veneered box furniture for the export market is noticeable. At the same time, there is an existing offer of veneers from domestic plantation wood as well as from “lesser known species” from sustainably managed natural forests. Nevertheless, veneer processing – from purchasing up to the final surface treatment with stains, lacquers, etc. – is not yet sufficiently developed and introduced in Vietnam.


  • Several-day workshops with theoretic and hands-on training for staff from the furniture industry on all processes of the value-added chain. Next to the required process and gluing technologies, the relevant success criteria quality, material yield and productivity were systematically covered.
  • Development of different marketing strategies for veneer processing companies for obtaining competitive advantages through veneer use. The marketing strategies can be focused on the following areas:
    • Design
    • New products
    • Material innovations
    • Technology innovations

    The participating companies were supported and coached during the implementation of their marketing strategies.

  • Design and implementation of an annual “Veneer Award” for innovative products and solutions for veneer (design, technology, resource efficiency, etc.)

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