The Company


“applikatio” is an independent and internationally operating engineering and service company specialized on the forest products and woodworking machinery sectors.

Applikatio’s objective is to increase the international competitiveness of companies and organizations through the development of market and production-oriented products, the opening of new market potentials, the selection and implementation of efficient processes and technologies as well as through qualified and motivated staff. Our services are to ensure the sustainable performance of companies, they end when the targeted results are met and not with the design and planning phase.

Therefore, we especially focus on the actual implementation of the developed solutions, the support and coaching of the company’s personnel during the implementation process. An important element in connection with the planning and implementation process is the coaching and qualification of the involved staff through customized training programs which support the desired changes within the company.


Our know-how and experience encompasses the following sectors:

  • Wood-based panel production and lamination
  • Sawn timber production and further processing
  • Furniture sector
  • Production of wooden building elements
  • Timber craft trade
  • Woodworking machinery sector

Our service range covers the entire value-added chain – from the raw material use to the marketing of the final product

  • Strategies and Management
  • Markets and Marketing
  • Production and Technology
  • Training and Coaching