Service Range


1. Strategy and Management

  • Support in the development and implementation of business strategies for obtaining competitive advantages
  • Sector analyses and sector development planning
  • Development of bankable investment studies for the assessment of the feasibility of the envisaged project
  • Support in applying for the required funds
  • Development of short-, medium- and long-term business plans, especially in connection with restructuring measures, market expansions and entries, investment projects and relocations
  • Establishing contacts with potential business partners in Europe and Asia
  • Innovation management

2. Markets and Marketing


We know the international markets of the sector with their special requirements and characteristics. Especially the Eastern European and Asian markets are subject to rapid changes and continue to show a significant growth in demand. In order to be internationally successful, companies must adapt their products and services as well as their marketing strategies to the specific conditions of these markets.
In contrast, in Europe a close cooperation with the final customer along the entire value-added chain will be of special relevance. This type of customer integration into the value-added process will not be limited to the mere customization of specific products but start with the joint design of innovation strategies and processes. Therefore, the companies will have to find new accesses to market partners and adapt marketing systems and value-added processes accordingly.

In this context we offer the following services:

  • Execution of international market analyses for wood products, furniture and woodworking machinery, determination of the actual demand and supply as well as forecasts of the future demand
  • Identification of marketable products and quantification of market potential
  • Development, test and implementation of company and product specific marketing strategies and methods, adapted to the selected target markets
  • Organization and execution of international trade fair participations
  • Conducting of competition analyses

3. Production and Technology


With our product and manufacturer independent know-how we support you to attain the following objectives:

  • Reduction of through-put times
  • Increase of flexibility through customer-oriented organization and lean processes
  • Optimization of stocks

For achieving these objectives, we offer the following services:

  • Analyses of strengths and weaknesses, identification of optimization potentials
  • Benchmarking of production systems and plants
  • Independent planning of integral production systems, among others through the use of computer-aided planning and optimization methods such as process and equipment simulation
  • Factory planning by means of cascading planning processes
  • Location analyses and assessments with the aid of innovative, performance-based evaluation methods
  • Project management for the implementation of new factories and production systems and for interdisciplinary R&D projects
  • Performance Improvement Programs for specific sectors such as manufacturing or further processing of wood-based panels

4. Training and Coaching


All training modules aim at increasing the participant’s practical knowledge and motivation
in view of the following overall objectives:

  • Achieving the targeted productivity and quality
  • Reducing the implementation time for reaching the targeted performance
  • Inhouse training programs and workshops geared to the specific requirements of the company and its staff
  • Targeted coaching and know-how transfer during the implementation of system solutions (e.g. from the start-up of factories and plants to the achievement of the targeted performance)
  • Seminars on different topics (with a duration of one day to several weeks) for professionals and management staff from the international forest products and woodworking machinery industries. Some of these seminars are conducted in cooperation with the “International Wood Academy” (www.woodacademy.com)